Who Is Micheal Jang?
9.5x12” Photo Book
+ Web Experience

Who Is Micheal Jang? is a redesigned book that covers the career of American photographer Micheal Jang. His work is distinguished by his unique sense of humor that shows itself through offbeat imagery. The typography in the book reflects his humor by orientating itself in atypical ways. The stages of his career are delineated into different chapters, each containing inquiries that reveal snippets of his life.
            Alongside the inquiries, the book teases the reader with the counter-phrase Micheal Jang Is—, a central motif which appears at several points throughout the chapters as well the back cover. By continually nodding to the titular question but never fully answering it, the book stays true to the oddities of Jang’s photography.

Web Experience

Desktop and Mobile

The website, designed for desktop and adapted for mobile, translates the visual language of the book into a digital experience. Scattered throughout the homepage are assorted photographs and condensed versions of the book’s chapters and inquiries. Driving the central motif of the book, the homepage also contains easter eggs that reveal pictures of Michael Jang masquerading in various professions.
           The info page, rather than giving a short biography, clinically defines the word photographer with absurd sentence examples that echo Jang’s sense of humor: e.g., “Historians have struggled to uncover Micheal Jang's past; some evidence points to a career as portrait photographer, yet others suggest an existence that predates the early Universe.”