Senior Showcase Identity
+ Collage Posters

Tran Lam

The Class of F22

As an art director for my class' senior showcase BestWishes, I was responsible for developing the show’s identity including the logotype, posters, portait photography, and online touchpoints. To create a logotype congruent with the show’s collage aesthetic, the proportions of the letterforms were modified through an analog process and then optimized and outlined for final use. Guided by the show’s yearbook concept, the main show poster is a collage made from class polaroids and school paraphernalia.
          Working with the yearbook concept, we also decided to have our classmates design collage posters of themselves that would be displayed for friends and family to sign. I designed the poster templates for the individual designers with the BestWishes, logotype preceding the designer’s signature. To encourage compositions with depth, I introduced the idea of soft and hard margins. The social media posts are guided by the same yearbook concept.

Logotype by: Andrew V. Tran (Altered Neue Haas Grotesk and Freight Pro) Environmental Collaborators: Gabriella Gobaton, Melissa Flores, Gisselle Ramirez Portrait Photography Collaborators: Tran Lam, Racheal Tran Show Poster Collaborators: Tran Lam
Collage by: Andrew V. Tran
Collage Templates by: Andrew V. Tran Collages by: Sandra Pulido, Elliot Bollefer Collages by: Nadine Nazareth, Jake Winkle Social Media Collaborators: Racheal Tran, Tran Lam Web Collaborators: Juliet Scott, Tran Lam