Jefferson’s Bourbon
750ml Bourbon Bottle
+ Holding Box

Across the world travels Jefferson’s Bourbon. Its whiskey is aged in barrels aboard ships that sail around the globe, imparting them with notes of salt as they churn against the waves of the sea. The tumultuous conditions of this journey, with storms and wild fluctuations in temperature, transform the whiskey, deepening its color and flavor, resulting in a uniquely hyper-aged spirit.
           A limited batch of this whiskey, titled Voyage 76, continues this journey around the globe for even longer, compounding the spirit’s distinct flavor. The bottle’s label depicts a crew of sailors traversing unkind waters. Overlaid between global nautical charts and port routes is a historical Rembrandt seascape that has been lost to time. A phrase alluding to the label’s design is inscribed on the bottle’s holding box: “I shall clear all waters for treasures twice lost.”